5 Beautiful Bathrooms to Inspire You

5 Beautiful Bathrooms to Inspire Your Next Remodeling Project

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s a place to retreat for relaxation and recovery during a long day, and a place to take care of your personal hygiene. You want it to effectively express your sense of style, personality, and decor, while also being a vital, comfortable part of your overall sanctuary. A nice bathroom can add market value and be considered an additional strong selling point of your home if you’re looking to eventually sell it. In general, updating an old or dilapidated bathroom is never a bad idea to increase comfort and functionality.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or have remodeled bathrooms in the past, it’s normal to want to look for ideas and inspiration to maximize space in style. There are many different materials to stylize and create ideas with–it’s all a matter of preference and the type of aesthetic you’re going for. Upgrading the look and feel of your bathroom introduces the opportunity to add new fixtures, flooring, decor, and storage options, while also improving the overall aesthetic. This can help make the bathroom even more pleasant and valuable, both to guests and prospective buyers (if you’re looking to eventually sell your home).

So if you’re ready to make a change to your bathroom, or hoping to make it even more efficient, determine what’s within your budget and what your ideal aesthetic should resemble.

1. Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern bathroom designs emphasize lines. Minimalist, clean, and sleek is the outward aesthetic. Functionality is at the forefront. Most bathrooms with this design style use a neutral color scheme with an emphasis on unique geometric shapes. The neutral tones help make polished surfaces, glass cabinets, and metal or stainless steel appliances or accents pop. If you’re a fan of simple, clean styles, with a lot of natural light, ventilation, and some pop of color across a white or neutral color scheme, this style is for you.

Examples of Modern Bathroom Designs from Pinterest.

2. Traditional Bathroom Designs

Traditional bathrooms draw inspiration from classic designs. These bathrooms almost always feature a large bath tub–like the one you’d see out of the Victorian era styled homes–and an apron sink with open shelves underneath. This design is perfect for those who want to express their love for history while also showcasing modern elegance and an eye for detail. Marble and granite may be accented on the walls or used as a backdrop for traditional styled standing showers. Like modern designs, traditional can utilize a neutral color tone, or deeper, richer, more saturated hues (typically navy blue or green hues) may be used. Patterned wallpaper, bricks, and colored tiles are also popular economical considerations.

If you’re looking to express your nostalgia and appreciation for designs that have been long considered timeless, feel free to draw inspiration from the designs below!

Examples of Traditional Bathroom Designs from Pinterest.

3. Rustic Bathroom Designs

Rustic designs combine coziness with an appreciation for nature. A rustic bathroom can be an excellent choice for a cottage or a homeowner wishing to utilize stone and lighter colored wood textures like mahogany or red wood as the focus of their interior design. This style tends to reflect a bright color palette set apart by earthy materials and colors like brown, green, and beige. If you like the idea of expressing your love for nature with an elegant bathroom design or simply just want to make your Airbnb more inviting to guests, this could be a way to keep your guests feeling connected to the great outdoors during their stay.

Rustic Bathroom Designs

4. Scandinavian Bathroom Designs

If you’ve ever been to an IKEA you have likely seen this bathroom style at least once. Bet you didn’t know it had a name though, huh? Indeed, this popular style is not very famous by its name. Perhaps it’s because its style appears to have a mix of modern, rustic, and specific cultured elements. Its features clean lines, symmetrically stacked tiles, and asymmetric geometric-shaped patterns that build around a very bright or neutral color scheme. Natural lights, hanging plants, and shelves with candles, photos, or small ivy vines are a hallmark of this design.

This aesthetic has made its way into homes all over the globe probably because it incorporates details that are popular amongst designers from all different styles. If you’ve been indecisive about committing to a specific style or prefer mixing and matching elements from each aesthetic, this design could be a worthwhile consideration for you.

5. Industrial Bathroom Designs

Industrial bathroom designs fully embrace the post-industrial revolution styled homes. This utilitarian style is expressed through an industrial-chic aesthetic. Mostly all elements utilize metal, concrete, and some even expose pipes, lighting, and ductwork to create an edgy look with a modern flair. Industrial styled designs are really the precursor to steampunk designs: they prioritize minimalism and utilitarianism. Although concrete and metal are often used, these designs may use brick or some distressed wood accents. Color palettes generally include grays, browns, or black to create a clean, rugged, and edgy atmosphere.

This style is great for those who enjoy darker aesthetics that showcase modern ingenuity and aren’t afraid to be bold with the details to build character design.

Examples of Industrial Bathroom Designs from Pinterest.

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